David V McKay : Software Engineer

I am passionate about the power of software systems to give structure, formalism, and automation to complex collaborative processes, from small business to government to academics. My aim is to advance the speed and accuracy with which we can construct such software systems, while maximizing their relevance and minimizing their overhead.
Broadway Systems                                                                      Grand Rapids, MI
Software Engineer                                                                                June 2008–Present
Extending, customizing, and maintaining a rich mixture of modern and legacy code in a leading total-business management system targeted at the needs of diverse customers from the television broadcasting industry including national networks like HGTV, Fox News, and MLB.
  • Perform regular maintenance of all areas of Broadway’s total-business software, which is maintained simultaneously in several versions, spanning technologies from MS Access with VBA through all versions of .Net up to 3.5, SQL Server 2005, 2008, and often involving interoperability with proprietary Electronic Interchange formats
  • Refine the codebase to match company standards as new features are added at customer request
  • Development of interfaces for inter-operation with several broadcast master control automation systems, supporting export of scheduling data and importing of actual broadcast data for reconciliation, order fulfillment, invoicing, and stewardship
  • Migrate legacy code to modern technologies and into modern design patterns that enhance the overall maintainability of the system
  • Work with a mid-size team of fellow developers, quality assurance engineers, and business analysts to nail down requirements and deliver quality solutions to customer needs
  • Experience with rapid company growth and aiding with internal process improvements to support increasing scales of operation

Byte Consulting                                                                                 Rochester Hills, MI
Lead Prototype Developer                                                                      July 2006–Aug 2007
Worked to build a business informatics system with a novel visualization approach for accelerating decisions in supply chain management and risk assessment.
  • Used .Net 2.0 with Windows Forms and SqlServer 2005 to create a complete, functional system (database, business logic, presentation layer, and novel GUI controls) to prove the concept of using time-correlated attribute graphs and automated gap analysis to simplify supply chain management decisions
  • Built the system following design patterns for an n-tier approach, making it easy to replace the various system layers with new technologies or abstractions
  • Extensive development of user controls for a novel GUI – required inheriting from System.Windows.Forms.Control of the .Net 2.0 framework and implementing custom mouse event routing, custom rendering via System.Graphics, etc.
  • Created a data model  to be extensible at runtime, allowing the system to function on a very generic level, so that it could be applied to diverse marketplace requirements for supply chain management (separate companies or industries have different management policies and vernaculars)… or indeed, to any information system consisting of n-dimensional, interrelated, hierarchical, time-related data

DanlHos Computer Consulting                                                               East Lansing, MI
Junior Web Developer                                                                      July 2002–June 2004
Built the company website around an extensible Web 2.0 platform, and several custom extensions to facilitate distributed team management and cooperative planning.
  • Used Asp.Net 1.1, C#, and SqlServer 2000 MSDE to build a data-driven web portal for company activities
  • Used JavaScript, custom Asp.Net control development, HTML, XML, and CSS to build a richly interactive, data-bound calendar control for collaborating on schedules and project milestones between developers working for DanlHos in remote locations
  • Used VPN to post work on multi stage deployment system – dev, test, staging, main server – and VSS repositories
  • Designed user-editable Web 2.0 controls for the website, such as a user-personalized quick links bar, etc.
  • Built the system around a modular, n-tier paradigm, to facilitate adaptations to new presentation or database technologies as they become available
  • Implemented an online method of editing content for authenticated website administrators, and a roles based security and access management system

Outside of my work in a professional environment, I do much to keep my skills sharp: I follow trends in software engineering through periodicals, blogs, press releases, and white papers; I experiment with new SDKs and tools as they become available; and I develop numerous personal projects for the sake of maintaining my abilities. These are habits and skills I have been developing for over ten years.
  • Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI

Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Physics
Class Standing: Junior Year
  • Saint Clair High School Saint Clair, MI

Graduated June 2005 with Honors
Visual Basic 5.0 IDE                          6 years
Visual Studio 2003                           3 years
Visual Studio 2005                          4 years
Visual Studio 2008                         4 years
Sql Server 2000 MSDE                    3 years
Sql Server 2005                         4 years
Sql Server 2008                         3 years
Flash MX                                    2 years
IIS 5.1                                       2 years
Command line  (csc.exe)                  1 year
Expression Blend                         ½ year
C#                                       8 years
HTML                                       8 years
T-SQL                                       8 years
JavaScript                                    7 years
VB                                       6 years
Java                                       3 years
XML                                       4 years
Flash Action Script                         2 years
CSS                                       3 years
C                                                ¼ year
C++                                        ¼ year
.Net 1.1                                  4 years
.Net 2.0                                    4 years
Asp.Net 1.1                                    4 years
Asp.Net 2.0                            3 years
.Net 3.0                                    2 years
.Net 3.5                                    4 years
.Net 4.0                                               1 year